Behind the Name – Agi D. Permadi

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.”

– William Shakespeare

Thus the name matters not, but the people do. However, it does not hurt to learn what is behind a name, and the meanings hidden sprinkled by a child’s parents. By the barriers of languages, a name may be kept as an unheard or a veiled wish, or prayer. I have tried to commit a research during the last week to analyze the meaning of the names given to me.

(Agi) [D.] Permadi
The original name intended was [D.] Permadi, [D.] was a corrupted or decayed form of “Dikau”, and thus is a wish that the child born would have the characteristics of Permadi, who was the Knight-Warrior of Pandawa in the common stories of Javanese wayang. The chivalric warrior himself symbolizes politeness, diligence, and loyalty. However, the language barriers of Sundanese over Javanese language made there name was left disagreed with, for [D] is similar or at least homophone to the Sundanese word “Biko”, which means “stupid” or “dimwit”. Thus there was another name added to the pool, which was (Agi), initially meant as the combination of both of the parents.
There is however, more than meets the eye. [D.] was left not blessed, thus brought about misfortune to the name bearer. Until for years ago the [D.] was omitted in most cases, thus the complete name was not written and left as an initial, except in very formal occasions.

(Agi) itself means more than just a combination of the two names. In the constructed auxiliary language Esperanto, (Agi) means “to act” which is probably related to the Sanskrit root of the Indonesian word “Api”, that could be traced to “Agni”, or its diminutive form “Agi which means “fire”. Probably the reason to quick yet rash decision makings, and both placed and misplaced courage or bravery. While the wish behind the name may be good, it is up to the name bearer to utilize the wish behind the name.

AGI is also a commonly accepted abbreviation of the stat of “Agility” in computer applications or games. Thus the wish of the name is for the name bearer to be agile, both in physical and spiritual matters. The name bearer are wished to be an agile and adept learner, and does not miss the chances in life.

Return to the quote, “what is in a name”, it would be left to the name bearer so the wishes behind the name would not be taken for a pinch of salt.


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