Amongst the Most Creative; Coca Cola and over 100 Years of Survival

When the word “Cola” or “Coke” is mentioned, what comes first into people’s mind? “Pepsi”, perhaps, but it’d be most likely that the word would be associated to “Coca Cola” instead. As it is, until this very day, one of the most familiar brand of beverage in the world. It has aged over one hundred and twenty five years, and it has took the path of evolution of having its main product from being an invented drink into a symbol of globalized culture.

As the epitome of the drink “Cola”, Coca Cola, along with the leaders of the world in their own unique yet renowned product, “Coca Cola” has the advantage of having its name mentioned even when people don’t really buy it. There’s a deep impression that equals Cola as Coca Cola, and the path taken by it was not simply tread on its own

The key was innovation in the matter of its costumers relations; a constant innovation in a correct time. It has struck onto the hearts of its costumers due to its clever segmenting according to the nations, for example how Coca Cola manages to symbolizes itself as “Good Times” in the US, or “Share”, or “Open New Spirit” in Indonesia. It correlates the brand with a common thought of a nation.

The innovation called itself as a reinventing strategy, renews its marketing and re-segmentation. While it may change its tagline for many times in a year, or kept it for years, it is the company’s policy to change its image in time, although the product itself doesn’t really change. This innovation of image made their necessities intact.

The key has already mentioned. No other company has managed to “change” as quick, frequent, and effective as Coca Cola. It is amusing how an innovation of its image; not actually a new name, new logo, let alone new or alteration to the product would increase or delay its progress on the product life cycle; either way,Coca Cola is considered “contemporary” according to what market condition it is penetrated into.

Though, worth noted. Coca-Cola is also fast in detecting the calm before storm, such as the case on the 90s when it is starting to see a decline on it profit growth, Coca Cola finally founded a new innovation of which it became a full beverage company instead of a single-product oriented company. Yet, what matters the most is only the black liquid people know most as “Coca Cola.”
Coca-Cola is easily one of the most recognizable brands in the world.  Since its inception 125 years ago, it’s become more than just a flavored drink – it represents moments in time and is symbolic of a global culture.

Coca-Cola is one of many proprietary eponyms in the world, along with “Xerox” and “Kleenex,” meaning as a category leader, the brand has become synonymous with the product.  It’s why people Xerox copies, even when they aren’t using a Xerox printer or paper and why some ask for a Kleenex even if the tissue is of another brand.

In the minds of its consumers, Coca-Cola strikes an emotional cord and has market volatility for that very reason.  In everything the brand does, it communicates its personality and has held true to it for over 125 years.

Besides being an emotional brand, Coca-Cola also strategically reinvents and renews to respond to the marketing and reposition itself.  Often criticized for its lack of diligence in maintaining a tagline, changing with the times is a part of the company’s strategy and they’re not afraid to do it.  In fact, it’s necessary for them.

Not every brand needs to reinvent themselves as frequently as Coca-Cola, but there are vivid signs when that time does arrive.  It doesn’t necessarily call for a new logo or a new name, but a redefinition of the brand’s goals and a strategy to increase relevance to the consumer, make the brand contemporary and differentiate the brand from others in changing market conditions.

The only constant is change and adaptation is the most important survival skill.


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