Associative Story

Amongst many alternatives to improve memory, there has been a proven way to improve such with the help of associative story. An associative story is made between the things that are needed to remember, and the possible relationships related by it.

Example would be these names and these items

1. Louis Pasteur – Sebelas – “Sebel”

2. Galileo Galilei – Duabelas – “Dobel”

3. Aristotle – Tigabelas – “Timbel”

4. Euclid – Empatbelas – “Fabel”

5. Moses – Limabelas – “Mebel”

6. Charles Darwin – Enambelas – “Nambal”

7. Shih Huang Ti – Tujuhbelas – “Jubel”

8. Augustus Caesar – Delapanbelas – “Label”

9. Nicolas Copernicus – Sembilanbelas – “Sambel”

10. Antoine Laurent – Duapuluh – “Dapul”

To relate the words on the left and the middle, a medium of words in the right are assigned. To made the reminiscence of associations easier, a story may be made to recall such association using the medium of words. The story may sound silly, but the silliness may burn into your mind so you would not forget. Remember to keep the story short so one won’t have problem memorizing it.

Here be an example of the story in Bahasa Indonesia

Louis Pasteur sedang sebel karena Galileo Galilei dapat jatah makan dobel di resto timbel Aristoteles. Supaya sebelnya hilang, ia baca buku fabel karangan Euclid diatas mebel buatan Kang Moses. Pulangnya motor Louis kempes ban, ia terpaksa nambal di toko Charles Darwin, dimana yang jaga toko adalah Ko Shih Huang Ti yang memakai baju berjubel. Masih di toko yang sama, Augustus Caesar sedang melabeli Sambel merek Nicolas Copernicus. Belum kelar Louis tambal ban, sudah ada ngepul di dapul teh Antonie Laurent.


This can be applied to another associative terms. Have fun.

We,lcome to my world.

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