Business Model and SCAMPER for Google Goggles

Google Googles is an application based on the Android platform for phones. It has been well known for integrating visual images and absorb it into information that may be search up in the internet. It has been described that it is good when it’s capturing people, places, and some sort of things, but is not perfected yet that it could not figure out clothes, furniture, and so on.

The business model for Google Goggles are in the following, in the internal factors, their core capability is to make searches easier, faster, and more real-time, described in a picture. Their partner network is the phones that are based on the Android platform, local ventures registered in the apps, and media partners, (could be newspapers, or their own site). The activity configuration, thus, is to make searches easier as supported by their capability, through the pictures taken in a real time manner.

Their value proposition is making searches to be more futuristic, and high-tech accented, for those who adapt advanced technology.

They may increase the customer relationship through events and competitions regarding the apps, or special offers with the registered ventures.  They have only one distribution channel, the internet. And their target audience is earlier adapters and technological geeks.

From the revenue and cost structure. The cost structure are built by the cost of research, marketing, and product maintenance, while their revenue will most like come from advertisements of the firms.

Amongst of the SCAMPER, Google Goggles can manufacture these functions

1. Substitute

Changes the medium to glasess and digital cameras.

2. Combine

Integrate the software with picture editing software, like instagram

3. Adapt

Adapt the functions of numeral search engines.

4. Modify

Modify the concept of a mere search engine to a tracking device

5. Put the other uses

When built through fashion glasses, it may form the latest fashion

6. Rearrange

Rearrange search engine into a tracking device instead of vice versa.


Business Model

The plan implemented by a company to generate revenue and make a profit from operations. The model includes the components and functions of the business, as well as the revenues it generates and the expenses it incurs.


– Investopedia


In this manner, here’d be an example of a certain TV Channel